[vc_row][vc_column][melville_intro size=”h4″ page_name=”about” image=”296″ title=”About Us”]Founded in 2005 by a group of carpenters and designers, with a dream to craft beautiful and practical furniture concepts, ClosetDesign has grown exponentially in terms of creativity, reliability and trust. Our Philosophy is, that you deserve the best in terms of quality, variety and sophistication. We tailor your furniture needs to your lifestyle – Be it robust or serenity.

While we have carved a niche in the residential market, our growth has crossed new horizons and have achieved considerable achievements in both the consumer and commercial markets. Our projects are regularly featured in Singapore’s leading interior design magazines like Home & Decor, Decoration, Form and Style Living.[/melville_intro][melville_intro size=”h5″ block_size=”col1-3″ image=”322″]ClosetDesign would like to thank our valued clients, who played a vital role in our success through their supportive recommendations and word of mouth.[/melville_intro][melville_intro size=”h5″ block_size=”col1-3″ image=”215″]Just bring your floor plan to us and our creative experts will materialize concepts that will help you save or reclaim space you never knew you had.[/melville_intro][melville_intro size=”h5″ block_size=”col1-3″ image=”229″]Our consultants are well-trained to assess and analyze your lifestyle needs and daily habits to ensure that your new storage system will serve you well.[/melville_intro][melville_intro size=”h5″ block_size=”col1-3″ image=”212″]No stone is left unturned when we plan your space. Get ready for an evolution of well-organized and space saving furniture system.[/melville_intro][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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